Trust asset management brings together professionals who came to the sphere of blockchain from classical financial markets. Programmers from all over the world, together with successful financiers are working to create the most convenient platform in the world to work with cryptocurrencies. We are confident that the team can transfer its experience in this area and make a significant contribution to the development of Blockchain technology.

All our employees are highly qualified, this allows us to find an individual approach to each client and bring the quality of service and convenience of the platform to a new level.


Stock market-trading in foreign shares, Depositary receipts, investment units, ETFs.

Foreign exchange market (FOREX) - the market of interbank currency exchange, conducting short-and medium-term trading transactions in major currency pairs.

The market of alternative currencies is a unique trading strategy, providing advice and training in trading on the crypto market, developing your own investment projects based on blockchain technology.


170%          after 2 day           10$ - 99$

180%          after 1 day           100$ - 499$

190%          after 1 day           500$ - 999$

200%         after 12 hours       1000$ - 5000$

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